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José Rui Marcelino

CEO & Design Manager | Almadesign
Board Member | AED Cluster Portugal

Born in Porto, Rui Marcelino has a degree in Mechanical Engineering (IST-ULisboa), a Master in Transport Design (SPD, Milan) and a PhD in Design (FAUD-ULisboa).

He is the founder, CEO and Design Manager of Almadesign since 1997, where he has monitored more than 800 projects in the areas of transport design and product design. With Almadesign, he received dozens of national and international awards, including the NATIONAL DESIGN AWARDS, DACIANO DA COSTA AWARD, GOOD DESIGN AWARD, RED DOT, IF, IDA AWARDS AND CRYSTAL CABIN AWARD.

He has been teaching Design Project since 1998 and is currently the Coordinator of the Master in Product Design at the Faculty of Architecture, Urbanism and Design – University of Lisbon.

He actively participates in the creation of cooperation networks, being a co-founder and member of the board of associations PEMAS, AED (Aeronautics, Space and Defense) and PFP (Plataforma Ferroviária Portuguesa). He is also a member of the board of COTEC and Fórum Oceano.

Over the last 15 years, it has actively participated in promoting national and European R&D consortia in the Aeronautics, Nautical, Road, Railway and Health areas (with projects such as LIFE, IBUS, ISEAT, DESAIR, ETOILET, INTRAIN, NEWFACE, FLEXCRAFT, MODSEAT, PASSARO, FLY.PT, FERROVIA 4.0, PASSME, HPCPAP and IDOC.STATION, among others) that integrate the industry with the national scientific and technological system to, with the help of Design, develop and integrate innovative solutions, develop skills and promote internationalization of all partners.

The Rise of
Smart Furniture

Opportunities and challenges of IoT, Virtual Reality and AI in furniture design.

Global challenges for greener, smarter and circular products and processes.

Get ready to be inspired! 
Join Industry Experts and Manufacturers showcasing the latest trends and  innovations.


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Maria da Graça Carvalho

Member of
the European Parliament

António cunha


Nuno Gonçalves


Jorge Portugal

General Director

Humberto Brito

of Paços de Ferreira City Council

Rita Pacheco


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